Types of Deer (White-Tail vs Mule)

Types of Deer

There are 2 popular types of deer to hunt in western Canada, the White-tailed deer and the Mule Deer. To some of us, they are distinctly different but sometimes it can be hard to tell from afar. Here are a few things to look for when assessing your prey –


White-tailed Deer:

  • The color can be grey to reddish brown, with white under body
  • Their tails are large and bushy, and often held erect when animal runs.
  • Their gait is generally a series of short running dashes and bounds
  • Antlers (present on males only) have individual tines off main beams.


Mule Deer:

  • Body colour grey to brownish grey, under body white.
  • They have prominent ears and a compact tail that is black tipped and is held down when animal runs.
  • Mule deer have a white rump patch
  • Their gait a series of stiff-legged bounds.
  • Antlers branched and present on males only.


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