Traditional Hunting with a Perk

Traditional Hunting with a Perk

“If you didn’t start scouting your hunting route six months ago, you might be at a disadvantage” quoted by Michael Hanback of Outdoor Life Magazine. “Let this serve as a reminder to scout extra early before next season” he continues.

This is where the iHunterapp comes in. With an impressive display of all the WMU’s, the iHunterapp will help you plan and execute your next hunting trip. Use this app early in the season so you can plan and access all information for the area you want to hunt in. This convenient app is your complete mobile hunting guide to access all WMU data, Maps, Season info, Regulation summaries and a wealth of tips when you are out in the woods. One great safety feature allows you to share your precise location with others.ihunterapp-icon

There are 7 Basic Steps to organizing a hunting trip to make your experience both fun and safe:

1) Decide what game you are going to hunt

  • make sure whatever you are hunting is in season and check to see what the limitations are

2) Choose a Location (using the iHunterapp!)

  • decide if you would like to be in a remote area and camp out or if you would like to hunt in a more populated area and sleep in a lodge or hotel

3) Hire a guide

  • even if you are an experienced hunter, a guide can make your hunting trip even more successful. Look in the Yellowpages or Internet for a hunting guide. Make sure to check references first.
  • confirm the items that each party is responsible for
  • double check on the type of terrain that you will be traversing (ensure you’re in sufficient physical condition)
  • become familiar with the terrain by gathering maps from provincial or wildlife agencies
  • make sure you know how to use a GPS and compass

4) Invite your friends

  • give each person a job: food, maps, route, etc.

5) Pack the necessities

  • make a checklist of items needed for your trip (include camping gear, clothing, food, weapon, ammunition, hunting knife, safety gear, clothing, supplies to pack out the animal and much more)
  • talk to an experienced hunter to make sure you consider everything

6) Be safe

  • go over safety requirements before anyone picks up a weapon
  • make sure everyone knows how to use and store their weapons
  • leave your agenda and location details with someone who is not going on the hunting trip
  • keep all weapons in one spot when they are not in use
  • be accountable to your other hunting buddies (let each other know where you are going to be at all times – especially in you are out in a remote area of the woods)

7) Obey the law

  • make sure the game you are hunting is in season
  • make sure your hunting license is valid
  • don’t trespass (you need land owner permission to hunt and kill animals on private property)

Remember to take your camera with you and take as many pictures as possible. You deserved this trip, so document it to share with your friends and family.

Of course, your main resource is the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations. Refer to it for everything you need for a successful, safe trip.


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