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Can’t decide on a smoke flavor? This 6 pack is sure to please. Use one flavor or mix them up. You will never run out of possibilities for smoking perfection.

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This one package of wood chip flavors will add the extra dimension you are looking for.

Alder chips produces a lightly-flavored smoke that is traditional with salmon.  It is perfect for fish and poultry and don’t be shy with pork either.

Apple chips match up perfectly with pork, and definitely a must for ham.  Use it for enhancing beef, poultry and game birds too.

The flavor is described as slightly sweet (well, yeah) but denser, fruity smoke flavor.

Cherry chips go with just about everything.  It is a sweet, but mild flavor, and of course, a bit fruity. 

Hickory chips are loaded with flavor, so use sparingly.  Use it with beef and lamb and little on poultry, pork, cheese or wild game is good too!

Maple chips are, of course, the staple in this country.  It is great for poultry, vegetables and ham.  It has a mild, smoky and kind of sweet flavor. 

You will be singing “O Canada” before you know it!

Mesquite chips are a popular choice because it has a strong flavor that burns hot and fast.  Use it with most meat, especially beef. 

Now,  a 6 pack like this will get you out grillin’ and smokin’! 


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