CASING, VEGAN 32mm x 12m x 2PK


CASING, VEGAN 32mm x 12m X 2PK

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CASING, VEGAN 32mm x 12m x 2PK

Edible Vegetable-Based Casings

This unique new material has a variety of properties and advantages:

 Edible casing composed of natural water-soluble polysaccharides; ingredients are renewable and abundantly available
 Excellent appearance and texture
 Mainly used for fresh sausages (exp. Breakfast or Italian sausages); can be used for cooked, smoked & cooked, or dry cured providing proper cook cycles are used (ideal processing parameters can be provided by request)

Kosher Certified – ideal for use in Kosher or Halal sausage products
 Casing partially dissolves during cooking making it an ideal replacement for skinless sausage products
 All components are non-allergenic and non-GMO
 Composed entirely of non-animal based polymers – no cross-species labelling concerns
 Being a vegetable based casing there is no concern over the potential spread of animal based illnesses

  • free from all known allergens
  • Non-GMO
  • Product should be stored in sealed bags at ambient temperature between 45 to 60% relative humidity.  Recommended shelf life is 1 year.


Sausages can be linked or run through Z-linker for portioning
 Fresh sausages (breakfast, Italian, etc.) can be pan fried with light oil, grilled, or deep fried

Sausages stuffed in NutraCasing CANNOT be boiled in water to cook


Step 1) DRY – 40 minutes at 60 degrees C, 15% Relative humidity
 Step 2) SMOKE – liquid or natural smoke (depending on customer – if using liquid smoke, 30 minute dwell cycle and 20 minute dry cycle required)
 Step 3) COOK – 75 degrees C at 80% Relative humidity until internal temperature of 70 deg C.
  Remove from smokehouse, let cool for 10 minutes, shower for 2 minutes; refrigerate to cool prior to packaging

Being a vegetable-based casing, NutraCasing should be handled differently from collagen, natural or cellulose casings.  In order for NutraCasing to function as intended, the suggested cook processes above should be followed in order to obtain the  desired results.

NutraCasing should not be soaked or exposed to excessive moisture before stuffing.

Sausages stuffed in NutraCasing should not be boiled to cook

NEVER shower sausages stuffed in NutraCasing immediately after cooking

Handy, high quality and reliable for specific diets and requirements.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 in


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