Make Over Your Burger

Eating healthy never tasted so good! 


It is becoming increasingly tough to find good, healthy, quality foods that your family can enjoy economically.

The burger has been a staple for many good reasons. It can be transformed into new meal ideas easily. Popular because it is affordable, portable and customizable and they can be served gourmet-style or as rustic yet classic as you please.

With being healthier on our minds, we can do a lot to enhance the basic burger:

  • Custom grind beef or meat blends. Use different cuts of beef or even better, grind your own. It will be fresher and you will know exactly what is in your favorite meal. Try using sirloin, tri-tip and chuck cuts of meat. See if you can detect a flavour difference between grass-fed or regular beef.
  • Add unique condiments for extra tasty, even healthy goodness! In addition to the lettuce and tomato, be creative and add pesto, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, fancy sauces like chipotle aioli, caramelized onions or mushrooms for example. Of course, bacon is a must!
  • Bring on the buns. Different types of buns are a great way to change it up too. Try a pretzel bun if you want something the kids will enjoy.
  • Try different types of meat.  Wild game, turkey, chicken, salmon or tuna, bison, pork or lamb – or a combination of!
  • Get adventurous and try a new theme! An easy way to introduce new flavors like Mexican, Mediterranean or Asian. On Mexican night, grill it with Taco sauce and cheddar cheese, then dice it up and serve in hard taco shells!
  • Use any sausage blend for a patty! Try a zippy Chipotle or Chorizo flavor, or a mellow Bratwurst or Italian to change up your routine.
  • Skip the carbs. Going just the protein route is great to keep it simple and light for the summer. A burger on a bed of lettuce or salad is a flavorful combo of both hot and cold to keep it interesting.

Just imagine the possibilities! Here in Canada, we are lucky to have industry leaders providing the best quality meats globally. We support our local suppliers and provide a broad range of High Caliber Products to keep us all up to date with our favorite passion: food.

Whether you make one or two burgers or one hundred, we have the supplies for you. Single patty formers for those gourmet-type burger connoisseurs or multiple patty presses for family-type or commercial production. Accessories like patty paper and spice blends will make preparing those patties quick and easy.

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