How to remove the “gamey” taste of wild meat

What is a quick way to remove the “gamey” taste of wild meat?

Ensuring your wild game harvest doesn’t have a “gamey” taste begins as soon as you field dress the carcass. Here are some steps to take if a less “gamey” flavour is your goal:

  1. Cooling the carcass is an important step of any meat butchering process. Eviscerate the animal as soon as you can and get it skinned quickly. his will help the meat cool.
  2. Be sure to remove the scent glands from those big bucks, located on the ankles, they emit a pungent odor which can permeate the meat.
  3. If your game meat still has a strong taste then turning your steaks, roasts and ground meat into sausage can make it quite palatable.
  4. Sausage seasonings like garlic, black pepper and cayenne pepper can be used to cover gamey flavors. Salt and sugars are also effective flavor enhancers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to add pork or beef trim to your wild game sausage, this can further dilute any gamey tastes and give you more to enjoy!

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