How to prevent sausage from crumbling

Why does my sausage break apart and crumble when I cook it?

Crumbly cooked sausage is usually the result of not enough fat or not enough water in the mix. Meat, fat and water are all important ingredients in making a quality finished product. At a molecular level, if properly combined, these components will bind together and retain their cohesiveness and hold the shape when your sausage is cooked and sliced into. 

Having the proper balance is very important. If you have been making sausage out of just wild game, try adding ¼ or 1/3 50%-70% pork or beef trim to your game meat. This will bring the necessary fat content into your sausage mix. For fully cooked sausages like salami, using a Phosphate (we like Brifisol 414, item number M13BRIF414) will help bind the meat together to allow nice clean slices without crumbling.

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