Golden Brown

Burning your sausage is the worst, especially when it is an original homemade batch. To cook a perfect sausage, you need to make it with love. And sometimes love calls for patience… Very few people are interested in a ‘black on the outside pink on the inside’ kind of meal!

Good sausages hate high heat. The key is to add a drop of oil into your pan and cook the sausage over medium-low heat until it browns, flip it over and repeat. After they’ve got 2 – 4 golden brown sides, we put them in the oven at 300-degrees for 20-30 minutes. Perfection.

Good sausages have good casing. A little tear here or there while cooking is always something to get excited about. But if your casing is burning off completely, or ripping in all directions when you apply heat, it’s usually not your fault – don’t take it to heart. Take note of the brand, and… well… don’t cook with it again! Check out some of our casing options if you like.

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