Is liquid smoke safe?

Adding Smoke Flavour       Liquid Smoke  Can be used in meal prep or stirred into liquid condiments. Mix into wet ingredients that require internal distribution of smokey flavour ie: sausages or meat brines. Click here for liquid smoke   Powder Smoke  Ideal as an addition to condiment seasonings (salts, powdered gravies, etc). Used in dry mixes that require […]

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Smoke flavour on the grill

How to achieve smoke flavour on the grill Preheat your barbecue or grill Place a few Bradley Bisquettes directly on the grill and close the lid When the bisquettes begin to smoke, add food and close the lid Cook your food as normal, replacing the bisquettes every 15-20 minutes, or until desired smoke flavour is achieved.

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5 Fundamentals of the Smoking Process

Sausage making is one of the oldest forms of food preservation and has become an art form over the centuries. It can provide a means of converting less tender, lower grade trimmings of meat into value-added products that are flavourful, attractive, and affordable. Smoking of sausage products has been developed to provide a variety of […]

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