Ground Beef Jerky Procedure

Ground Beef Jerky Procedure   Using a packaged blend can take the guess work out of the seasoning and curing of your jerky project. Most of our High Caliber Jerky Blends ( Peppered, Teriyaki, Hot n’ Sweet, Honey Garlic) are formulated for soaking strips of muscle meat in brine (water and spices). Our Alberta Beef Jerky […]

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Bacon Stuffed Cheese Burgers

Ingredients 1¼ lbs ground beef or wild game (approximately 20% fat content) 1.32oz High Caliber Charburger or High Caliber Beef Burger seasoning binder 5oz water 4oz High Caliber High Temp No Melt Cheddar cheese 4 chopped mushrooms 2 green onions 4 slices High Caliber Dry Rub Bacon, cooked and crumbled Directions Mix ground meat, Charburger […]

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Is liquid smoke safe?

Adding Smoke Flavour       Liquid Smoke  Can be used in meal prep or stirred into liquid condiments. Mix into wet ingredients that require internal distribution of smokey flavour ie: sausages or meat brines. Click here for liquid smoke   Powder Smoke  Ideal as an addition to condiment seasonings (salts, powdered gravies, etc). Used in dry mixes that require […]

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Fresh Breakfast Sausage with Apples

Fresh Breakfast Sausage with Christmas Apples INGREDIENTS: 4kg  Lean Meat of your choice (try a mix of pork, game meat or beef) 1 Kg Fat pork Trim 350 grams High Caliber Breakfast Sausage Seasoning Binder (Product # Y6536) 500 grams cold water 500 grams Apple Sauce 100 grams chopped apples (peeled and soft dehydrated works […]

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FLAMING JALAPENO CHEDDAR SMOKIES INGREDIENTS: 10 LBS (4.54kg) Meat Block of your choice (try a mix of pork, game meat or beef) (1) pkg 12.7 oz (365g pkg) of High Caliber Jalapeno Smokie Sausage Binder, Seasoning & Cure 1 LB (454g) High Caliber High Temp No Melt Cheese 16oz (454g) Ice-cold Water (strain ice) 32/35mm Natural […]

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